Damn, already we home

Now let's get it on. I've been busy, which is a good sign. The Band was cleared for All-Campus a week and a half ago, thanks to community support and online petitioning. The new Tree costume made its debut during the event. Obviously it looked fresh and amazing, but as fate typically has it, the Tree was in shambles by the end of the run. After a few days in the shop, it's back and reinforced (steel welding, etc). You're not going to want to come close to me. If you're in my way, I will Zidane you, and you will pass out or die.

The first sporting event for the new Tree is the Big Spike -- Stanford-Cal women's volleyball game on Friday October 6th at Maples. The first football game in the still-new stadium is October 14th, homecoming. Bring your digital cameras and buy a flickr account. And don't waste your money on the plush doll, cuz I don't look anything like that Davey Jones octopus face.

The Band is working alongside an administrator (Dean Griffith) to make improvements in accountability, musical performance, and membership. Lots of things I could care less about. Now if only Pepsi would send me more energy drinks so I wouldn't have to steal them from freshmen's rooms...



This just in. Dammit.

Date: Sep 11, 2006 7:45 PM
Subject: Band Update

OK... um. Geez.

Band will not be suspended for a year.
Band is not off of suspension.
The terms of our suspension may be redefined. Since currently our suspension encompasses, um, everything, this is a good thing.
You should go ahead and purchase tickets if you would like to see the Navy game, or if you are on fartline, do not expect to see us performing there if you do.
Band Run... we're... hmm. Probably not happening, but we're still working on it, how's that.
I do not know when we will be off of suspension.

I will give you more information by Wednesday afternoon.
No call-in campaign. Don't do it. Letters, emails fine.


Band Run cancelled

All-Campus (aka the Band Run) has been replaced by a different NSO event since the Band is suspended. An email is making rounds with a link to a petition and facebook groups to join. Do what you gotta do:


Fall is just around the corner and the freshmen have almost arrived. It's a time for spirited tradition and new beginnings. Unfortunately, *one of Stanford's most popular traditions has at this time been cancelled.* Band Run has existed for years and is one of the most loved and thoroughly unique Stanford experiences.

If you agree that the decision to cancel Band Run was wrong, we advise that you *voice your disapproval* with the following people listed below. We suggest snail-mail, as it is much more effective, but have provided both addresses if you so desire. You can also sign the following petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/ssfbr/petition.html. We thank you for your time and hope that we can see you on the Run.



Football season is here, and the losing streak has begun (Oregon, 48-10). The Tree is still on AD-imposed hiatus; you (probably) won't see me at the San Jose State game this weekend. At home, the new $90M Stanford stadium is nearing completion in time for its opening against Navy on September 16th. I'm researching the complex's blueprints and studying history.


Interview posted to IvyGate

Here's the text of yesterday's interview with IvyGate.

Nearly comparable to the classic interview with Playboy or the video interview with ABC 7's Larry Biel back in April '06.


The AD Strikes Again

Here's the scenario: the LSJUMB ("Band") is suspended by the Athletic Department for alleged vandalism of Band Shak II. The suspension is indefinite. Almost tw0 months have passed without a public statement from the AD. Dollies are [edit 9:26pm 9/6/06] locked out of the recently-dedicated dance studio in Shak III. Who knows if the Band will see a game this season. As you may not have noticed, the Band was nowhere to be heard at the Oregon game. Doubtful that we'll be allowed at San Jose State, and even the opening of the new stadium is up in the air. Curiously, the Band isn't on the events list, but the Foothill High School Marching Band is.

The AD is rumored to be preparing an announcement for this week. I'm wondering if the Tree I'm designing will be little more than an expensive Halloween costume. Actually I don't think I'm permitted to be making one. But when did permission ever hold me back...

This is the Beginning

I've got a lot to say. This blog will enlighten the public to the story of the Stanford Tree, the official mascot of the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band.