Big Surprise: Cal Band Caught

Last night at 4am, some Stanford students found their sleep disturbed by the Cal Band. Immediately thereafter, the Cal Band found its getaway disturbed by the Stanford Police.

Battle of the Bands:


AIDS Still Sucks

I've donated $130 to FACE AIDS, a campaign started at Stanford that raises money and awareness to fight AIDS in Africa. All that money comes from referral bonuses I make with online t-shirt sales. You can help by putting my designs on your favorite apparel through the link below. You'll be much happier spending $15 here than by betting on Big Game:

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Honoring the Seniors

Saturday is Senior Night for the Women's Volleyball Team. They will be honored during, and then they will go on to win the Pac-10 title. Huzzah, huzzah.

In honor of the contributions these ladies have made to my Stanford experience, I would like to immortalize them in haikus. Here's some insight into why I do what I do:

Michelle Mellard

Such a pretty face
I thought that I had no shot
Tall girls are grateful.

Lizzie Suiter
Your arms reach so far
Many possibilities
They would make nice fronds.

Nji Nnamani
She's the jokester, I
Wonder if she has a blog
No one reads this crap.

Kristin Richards

Logan Tom's body
The freshest face on the team
Why is she Mormon?

Thanks to Chris for the inspiration.


Believe the Police?

SF Gate brings in some good news for the Band:

"After a thorough review of the excellent police report submitted in this matter, which included an extensive follow up investigation, the office of the District Attorney will not file criminal charges in the matter of the damage to the Stanford Band Shak," he said. "We believe there is insufficient evidence for us to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt unanimously to a jury."
Why do police officers pat themselves on the back in writing? Completely unrelated, but how are they going to spin the UCLA tazer incident?


More On (sp?) Boardman

Dean Boardman says he "does not want to kill the Band" in an article posted to the alumni website. Thanks for the kind words of support.


Raging Grannies

The Peninsula Raging Grannies stopped by White Plaza the other day to show support for the Tree and their behinds:


Holy Crap, Football Wins

In a contest of third-string quarterbacks, Stanford Football emerges victorious against Washington. So you're saying there's a chance...

The aspiration of going 0-12 this season is crushed, but so are Washington's chances to land a bowl game. Nothing like ruining someone else's dreams.

Another beautiful thing happened this weekend: Cal lost to Arizona. The hospital beds will start filling with Cal fans when they realize they have nothing to live for after USC topples them on Saturday and ruins Berkeley's run at the Rose Bowl. Don't worry Bears, your faith in mediocrity will get you through these hard times.

Meanwhile, the Stanford Athletic Department can't get everything right. Marketing is struggling with the basics: English.

(tip via smutline, scan from Stanford Daily 11/13/06)


Fox Sports Top 25

No, not football. Mascots, baby. Damn I'm good. But not as good as live animals, apparently. And what the hell is this?

Fox Sports article:

With no actual Cardinal mascot, the symbol on the school's seal has been distorted to create an irreverent, controversial, outside-the-norm mascot that's the nation's most unique. It can be as annoying as it can be humorous.
Some recent love from adoring fans: on mascots, objectivity, disease, racism, and jealousy. Enjoy!


Making Sense of the Band Restrictions

Some of you know that the LSJUMB was put on "indefinite provisional status" almost two months ago. No one outside the Band understands what this means, so let me clear it up for you.

The most important point is that all performances must be approved by the Band Reinstatement Committee. In other words, students don't run Band anymore.

Restriction and implications:

  • No traveling. The Band hasn't been invited to any away games for Football or Women's Volleyball.
  • No field shows. We can't step on our field or get on the mic.
  • No alumni. Ranks are thin because alumni (young and old) can't join us in the stands.
  • No keys to the Music Rehearsal Center. The rehearsal space is accessible only on a strict schedule, and it isn't exclusively the Band's space.
The current situation is not a tolerable long-term solution. Traveling, field shows, alumni, and a an actual Shak are what makes the Band what it is. They're the most important incentives to maintain participation. Road trips are a blast, field shows are a sacred performance outlet, alumni are full of character and stories, and the Shak should be a home, not a space.

On the flip side, some autonomy remains: we can pick our songs, our uniforms, and our membership. Other schools, like U$C, don't even have that -- I doubt their band wants to play the same 2 songs 70 times a game. But with membership incentives sacked, the Band is setting itself up for a dismal future. What does the Athletic Department think we are, the Football program?

Do not think for an instant that you won't see the Band rocking the f*** out when we're in the stands. We're united now and performing with all our energy. But if the administration keeps dragging its feet and imposing restrictions, the Band will never be what it once was. If you think the Band is important to Stanford, make your opinions known. And do it now.


This Is How It Began

Here's a history lesson. The following video is my first stunt, Tree Week 2006. (Besides the streaking incident, but that didn't really count.) Click play to see me get lit up.

A Mike Rothenberg Production

Corporate Whoredom for a Cause

I do a lot of terrible things. I have an attitude problem, addictions, enemies everywhere, and skeletons in my closet. But to you, that's entertainment.

You might be surprised to see me selling things on this blog. I just put up those Zazzle shirts, and I've had AdSense running for a bit on the sidbar. You're thinking: the last great free spirit has succumbed to sponsorship.

Have a little heart, punk. That's not what's going on, though I wouldn't refuse if Converse sent me the Dwayne Wades for basketball season.

All proceeds from this site go to Jonny Dorsey's FACE AIDS project. Learn about it. And I'm working with Zazzle guys (they're all Stanford anyway) to come up with sick shirts for Stanford causes like Band and Big Game. They're throwing in discounts to make it easier to get the gear to your doorstep. So quit your moping, check out the shirts, read about FACE AIDS, and go to the football game.